Speedboat Training School!

Speedboat Training School!

The APOLLON Speedboat Training School operates based in Chalkida and provides services for the sea for more than 20 years.

Sport Apollon!

Head of the school : Papadopoulos Nikolaos.
A naval frogman since 1985, he has worked on underwater projects throughout Greece, collaborated with hotels in passenger transport, trained many divers, lifeguards and captains and has taken part in many search and rescue operations at sea.

We created a small study of seamanship and boat management within four five-hour courses. A 5.5m boat will familiarize us with in-port handling, an inflatable 6.2m will familiarize us with high-speed handling and an 11-meter cruiser will familiarize us with handling large volumes of boats. Smart visual aids help to quickly understand shipping signals.

The subjects taught are:

  • Shipping
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Communication and GPS
  • Nautical art (mooring-knots-boat handling)
  • Weather and sea - Local Weather Conditions
  • Naval engines-Troubleshooting at sea
  • Survival at sea.


The exams are held every 15 days on a Wednesday. They last from 10.00 to 14.00 depending on the number of candidates.
The application is made electronically with a simple phone call to the School no later than 10 days before the exam date.
Then the candidate must present to the school the following documents. (the forms are sent to those interested by mail or received directly from the School).

Necessary Documents:

  • Two passport photos( ask the photographer to email them at info@sportapollon.gr )
  • Photocopy of police ID card (no need for validation)
  • Photocopy of driving license (no validation required)
    If one does not have then one must present medical certificates of physician and ophthalmologist
  • Authorization (certified at KEP or at the Port Authority) to the owner of the School to submit the supporting documents to the Port Authority
  • Duplicate DOU (ΚΑΕ 3435) 15 € for license of high speed boat operator
  • School Education Certificate (issued by the School)

Remember that on the day of the exam you must have with you an identity card and a vaccination certificate or a certificate that you were ill, the previous day's test with a handwritten form that was negative, signed by you. (available on the internet)

A few words from the Instructor

During your training, examination and later voyages, you need to be prepared and at the same time calm as the actions and decisions we make when we are stressed or panicked are always wrong.

This in itself characterizes a good captain. Imagine now adding cruising knowledge, anchoring knowledge of engineering and shipbuilding, a little meteorology and surfing and finally the ability to operate comfortably in a limited space. This level must henceforth be the lowest level for Greek captains, as our naval tradition allows for nothing less.

Enjoy your training, good luck and enjoy the sea.

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